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For the Ancestry Research Beginner

Beginning Research Techniques Hints For Beginning Ancestry Research

  1. Fill out an Ancestor Chart, starting with yourself.
  2. Fill out Family Group Sheets, one for each head of household on Ancestor Chart and for each of their siblings.
  3. Develop a filing system for the material you have and collected.
  4. Write dates properly to avoid confusion. Ex: 29 Jan 1892
  5. Black ink photocopies better than blue ink.
  6. Include title page when photocopying pages of any volume.
  7. Note date, location and type for each source you use.
    Ex: 22 Jun 1980, Public Library in Barnesville, microfilm #…….

Be specific when requesting Mailed information from any source

Include Self Addressed Stamped Envelope or stamps with all correspondence. This is a courtesy, and many organizations and researchers will not respond if you fail to do this.

Requesting information from Via Email or our Facebook Page. 

Watch This Video, it will take you offsite (Skip to about 3:20 for start of Lesson) Intro to and Beginning Research Ancestry Techniques

From by G. David Dilts, AG (Skip to about 3:20 for start of Lesson)

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